Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nave Atria,Cpl. TeatherCV and Oasis.

The CCG patrol vessel Cpl. Teather CV sailed from Halifax headed for Summerside P.E.I. and entered the Canso Loc

k at Port Hastings about 0820h. this morning with the yacht Oasis following astern. The Oasis had departed Port Hawkesbury and was also bound for Prince Edward Island.
The oil products tanker Nave Atria was met at the pilot station by the pilot vessel Strait Falcon,with Capt. Paul Ryan at the wheel  and APA pilot Capt. Rick Hanlon went aboard and guided the tanker to its berth at Nustar Number Two.
The tugs Svitzer Bedford and Point Valiant assisted the ship safely to its destination.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Strait Raven returns from Pictou

    At about 1815h the Strait Raven entered Canso Lock from the north on its way back fro the Pictou Shipyard where it assisted in putting the Canadian naval vessel Goose Bay(707) and the tug Glenbrooke on the slip for refit.. The tug and crew exited the canal shortly after and did a few manouvers for the waiting photographers.
                                            Many thanks to Captain Shawn March,

Deckhand Chris MacDougall,Engineer John MacLellan and Cook Blaise Ashe.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Strait Raven heads to Pictou.

Captain Shawn Marsh and his crew departed Superport Marine Services in Port Hawkesbury with the brand new twin screw tug Strait Raven  for Pictou Shipyards to help drydock two navy vessels I'm told..The tug should be returning tomorrow afternoon  to its base.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Coial Topoff and Crude Oil unloading

  The crude oil tanker Nordic Breeze 158597 dwt. was docked at Nustar Ocean berth One yesterday evening and at this writing is still discharging its cargo and there is a tentative call for a pilot for 0
500 h on the 27th.

Meanwhile the self-unloading bulk carrier CSL Acadian (245 m x 32 m)sailing from Norfolk was expected at the pilot station about 2115h and will go alongside the cape size bulk carrier Southern Wisdom(289 m x 45 m) to top it off with coal.If the weather is in their favour the operation should be completed early on the 28th.The photos above are of the CSL Acadian from my archives.
**The mateup of the Southern Wisdom and CSL Acadian was cancelled late in the evening of the 26th  and is tentatively rescheduled for 2200h tonight.*** The two bulkers awaiting  a mateup were still apart due to weather factors but the latest tentative pilot booking is for 1800h this evening the 28th.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ships and Fog...

The morning started off very sunny on the Strait but by 1130h .a black thick o' fog enveloped India Anchorage in Inhabitants Bay where the bulk carrier Cape Mary was being examined by Sydney based CFIA inspectors Tom Campbell and Steve Plumridge.They combed the vessel for signs of Gypsy Moth cocoons before it was allowed to proceed up the St. Lawrence River to Port Cartier Qc.After completing their task they were dropped off at the Sand Point Wharf by the launch Strait Rider.
APA pilot Capt. Evan MacDonald boarded the vessel at about 1230h from the pilot veesel Strait Eagle commanded by Capt.Mel Brushett and took it to the outer pilot station .
At the Nustar Dock the Eagle Boston was loading crude oil and was expected to depart at 2030h  and the Nordic Breeze would shortly thereafter depart Anchorage Charlie in Chedabucto Bay to be docked the Nustar Ocean berth One.
The newly arrived McKeil tug Beverly M 1 moved from its berth at Port Hawkesbury temporarily to take on 60 tons of potable water from the Strait Superport folks at Mulgrave.The tug is awiting a berth spot in Mulgrave once the CCG vessel Earl Grey goes to sea..The Beverly M 1 will have some work done before departing for Belledune N.B. with the barge Nunavut Spirit..It is expected that the next new to McKeil tug Sharon M. will arrive here in about 6-7 weeks from the Middle East.
***I just received this clear shot of the Cape Mary taken by CFIA inspector Stephen Plumridge on the morning he  went out to the Cape Mary.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

McKeils latest tug arrives in the Strait

The Beverley M1 arrived in the Strait area today and is presently alongside the Port Hawkesbury Wharf until space is made available at the dock in Mulgrave after the Cost Guard vessel Earl Grey departs.The tug is the newest edition to the Mckeil fleet and is expected to be operating in and around the East Coast.The vessel built in    1993 was just recently registered in St. Johns' and went by the moniker Pacific Typhoon .

The Master who completed the delivery run is Captain Victor Gomez Ulloa from Halifax.
Elsewhere on the Strait the tanker Unique Sunshine departed the Nustar Berth 2 @ 1800h  for Huston Texas with APA pilot Capt. Mike Langdon directing the operation.The bulk carreier Cape Mary was brought in to the anchorage by APA pilot Capt. Chuck MacDonald..

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ships Coming n going today

The bulk carrier White Pearl wasnt't in port very long today and a pilot was ordered for a 1000h departure,
   APA pilot Capt. Mike Langdon was on the bridge with the vessels Master and directed the undocking with the assistance of the tugs Svitzer Bedford  with Capt. Jean Gallant at the helm and the Point Valiant with Capt. Andrea MacDonald in command.It finally got underway about 1045 h. and headed out to St.Georges Bermuda.

The Hong Kong  registered oil products tanker Unique Sunshine was docked at the Nustar Inside Berth about 1220h. with APA pilot Capt. Chuck MacDonald on the bridge directing tugs Svitzer Bedford and Point Chebucto commanded by Capt Derek King  .
Later in the day the fishing vessel Lady Gloria with Capt. Norbert Gionet steamed up the Strait fro Arichat and transitted Canso Lock and was headed to fish off Newfoundland.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Busy day at the Quarry Dock

The bulk carrier White Pearl (183m x29m) with APA pilot Captain Scott MacDonald on the bridge was put to the Martin Marietta loading dock assisted by the tugs Svitzer Bedford and Point Valiant after the bulker Pioneer departed with APA Captain Tony Pierce in charge.

The Pioneer assisted off the dock by the Point Valiant is headed to Tampa Florida with 34,900 tonnes of  construction aggregate.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Alice Olendorffs' departure and the Pioneer arrives.

Two bulk carriers kept tugs,pilots and linesboat crews busy today when the Alice Oldendorff departed the quarry at Aulds Cove shortly after 1500h with APA pilot Capt. Elias Dorey on the bridge directing the move .The tug Point Valiant with Capt.Andrea MacDonald at the helm worked to undock the vessel..The Alice O. was bound for New York city with 44,585 toones of construction aggregate.
After the Alice Oldendorff got underway the tug was released and it proceeded south to join up with the Point Chebucto with Capt. Derek King in command and both tugs were tasked by APA pilot Tony Pierce to assist with docking the bulk carrier Pioneer at the quarry dock..
The gusty south-south westerly winds and rain didn't seem to slow down either ship movement today.
Meanwhile at the Nustar Owean Berth One the crude oil tanker Asian Spirit
 was slowly discharging cargo and was expected to depart in the early hours of the 21st

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Familiar ships returning

   The bulk carrier Alice Oldendorff arrived at the pilot station around 0615h this morning,made its way up the Strait and was alongside the Martin Marietta Materials Quarry dock about 0810 hrs being assisted by the tugs Point Valiant and Point Chebucto. The Alice Oldendorff last visited our port around the 5th of February this year.
     At 1315h the pilot vessel Strait Eagle put APA pilot Capt. Elias Dorey aboard the crude oil tanker Asian Spirit to assist with its trip in to the Nustar Ocean Berth One.Three local tugs the Svitzer Bedford,Point Valiant and Point Chebucto were employed to assist with its safe ingress to the Strait  and docking at Nustar.the Asian Spirit was last in our port back in early March of this year