Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spring weather here is mostly fog...

Mother Nature seems to testing our mettle and sense of humour lately and has served up aless than nice variety at times .On Sunday fog and drizzle provided a less than welcoming backdrop as I photographed the USCG Morro Bay
as it exited CansoLock with APA pilot Tony Pierce guiding it to the south pilot station .The vessel was bound for Baltimore Md.At about the same time the hybrid self-unloader Alice Oldendorff was inbound to the quarry dock at Aulds Cove with APA pilot Elias Dorey on the bridge.
   I couldn't make it out in the fog so opted for a clearer day to get a pic of it alongside in Aulds Cove.
It has since departed for New York and is expected to arrive there on the 21st.
      Nustar Terminals played host to the 274 m x48 m crude tanker Sonangol Kizomba
which was emptied out in short order and departed this evening with APA pilot Tony Pierce in the wheelhouse.assisting were the 3 Point Tupper based Svitzer tugs Point Valiant,point chebucto and Svitzer Bedford.Had the weather been even a bit nice i might have ben able to get a decent photo of the un-docking manouever.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A little catching up to do..

   Its been awhile and I've been tardy about keeping the readers up to date.After the Sophie Oldendorff 
departed the quarry dock the Sheila Ann scooted in and I captured a few photos of it at the dock on some pleasant days.

   At the other end of the Strait the tanker Mayfair
glided in to the number two berth at Nustar and was captured somewhat weathed in the little fingers of fog that add to the mood on the waters in our environs.At the same it shared the dock at Nustar with the frequently seen NS Lotus
which shuttles crude between Point Tupper and Bayway N.J.
    The self-unloading bulker Pioneer was at the NS POwer coal dock delivering product on June 3rd and later shifted to the quarry for a load of gravel.
    If rumour is correct it may be the last time this vessel will be in our area as sources have told me it'll be sailed to Turkey to the breakers.

       The tug Spanish Mist was spotted heading north to the Magdalene islands with Isle Madame homeboy Capt. Ronnie Lejeune at the helm.

      The Theodore Too paid a morning visit on the 4th to Canso Lock on its way to Quebec City.On a foggy June 5th morning I spotted the gasoline tanker Alpine Mathilde at the Nustar inside berth enjoying our local fog.

Sunday June 8th saw the crude carrier Alan Veliki discharging cargo at Nustars outside berth and it departed shortly after 2300h that evening for sea.

   Port Hawkesbury Paper ordered up a bargeload of woodchips and it was delivered by the Gpoupe Oceans' tug Mega with the Motti. It arrived at the north pilot station from Quebec and was boarded by APA pilots  Elias Dorey and Scott MacDonald.Assisting with the safe entry into Canso lock was the tug Point Valiant with Tugmaster Danny Provost at the helm.

    The Mega and Motti proceeded to the mill dock in Point Tupper where it discharged its cargo and departed the area about 1930 hrs on Friday the 13th headed to Port Cartier.
     Also visiting at Nustar was the FPMC 26

on the 11th  CPO Malaysia

which when finished departed for Come By Chance Nl.
    The  Mckeil owned tug(ex Point Carrol) Tony Mackay with the barge Niagara Spirit paid its second visit to the area and departed for Summerside P.E.I.with a load of gravel.
It may be awhile before the Tony returns as its bound for Sept Isles Que. for a load of aluminum then back to Sorel  que.for a load of rebar destined for Long Pond N.L.A couple of yachts ,the Lady Sandals the Unity have transitted the Strait heading upriver.We'll most likely see them later in the summer or in the fall